Lac Brewing Company

Started in 2015 out of his backyard in suburban Saigon by Oregon native Lucas Jans and Cuong Dang. Lac, which means “Lost” in Vietnamese, is about exploring American craft beer creativity with local flavours. Drink Lac, Get Lost.

“Sài Gòn Brewed Craft Bia”

Available products

Devil’s Lake IPA
6.1% ABV | 55 IBU

Big Oregon style IPA. Bright tropical fruit flavours balanced with a crisp citrus finish. Light golden colour means the hops shine above subdued malts.

LAC Mango IPA 

5.9% ABV | 41 IBU

A welcoming aroma leads to bright citrus flavours. Feels like drinking a mango smoothie. This session-able IPA is the perfect way to refresh on a hot day.

Cashew Cream Ale

5.1% ABV | 21 IBU

Traditional American style Cream Ale – light and crisp – mashed with crushed cashews to impart a rich and soft mouthfeel with a silkiness from the cashews.

Little Lava Red
6.6% ABV | 43 IBU

Roast and malt go to battle upfront with an aggressive West Coast hop profile that starts out piney and blossoms into a subtle citrus finish.