We are passionate about craft beer!

Three Blind Men of Hanoi is the only dedicated and specialised craft beer distributor in the north of Vietnam. Our team lives and breathes craft beer and our mission is to supply beer enthusiasts throughout northern Vietnam (and beyond) with the very best of Vietnamese handcrafted beers.

The beers we distribute are non-pasteurised and therefore the beer is alive and kicking inside the keg; this is integral to protecting the particular flavours and aromas. Our warehouse and supply chain are fully refrigerated in order to ensure that the beer you drink tastes as good as the day it was brewed, all the way to the very last sip!

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About Three Blind Men

We have been here since the early days of the craft beer scene in Hanoi. In February 2016 Three Blind Men was founded to procure the development of the craft beer scene in the capital city. Since then craft beer has already come a long way. Three Blind Men is a distribution, services, and consulting company. We do not brew beer (not at the moment anyway) but we have exclusive agreements with a number of breweries to distribute their beers.

Year founded: 2016
Areas serviced: Hanoi & northern provinces of Vietnam

The Beers / Our Portfolio

We are known for doing business the old-fashioned way, in person. Customer service and customer satisfaction are key factors for us. After making one simple call to our hotline we can have your hotel/bar/restaurant or office/house/mancave set up with quality craft beers on tap in less than 24 hours. Now, what’s there to wait for?